Dog Fur And Hair Dyes Explained – Is It Safe To Color Your Dog’s Fur?

Dogs getting their fur dyed has become one of the most controversial trends of this generation for pet owners. Some pet owners are for this practice and there are also those that are against it. So before you think of getting into this trend, as a dog owner you have to ask, “Is dyeing my dog’s fur safe?” As mentioned above, due to the controversial nature of this topic you will probably get different types of answers. To be fair to both sides of the topic, we will do our best to cover both the pros and cons of dyeing your dog’s fur, ... Read More »

Dog Nail Problems – Discover The Symptoms And Causes Of Nail Problems In Pets

The dog’s nails are not really something that many dog owners notice. Usually, when you do a quick check on your dog’s body, your attention goes from their eyes, ears, mouth, fur, body, and limbs. It’s very rare that you pay attention to their nails unless it starts making a clicking sound or when your dog starts limping. There are dogs that are quite sensitive when it comes to their paws and nails which is why many pet owners usually decide to not pay any attention or to have pet groomers deal with it instead. Yes, there is nothing ... Read More »

Depression In Dogs – Important Facts You Need To Know About Doggy Depression

The topic of this article may come as a shock to many pet owners but depression in dogs do happen. Just like us humans, our canine companions can be depressed for various reasons. This may have resulted from a recent move or a member of the pack dying. Dog depression could also be caused due to certain illnesses. Unlike us humans though, dogs can’t really tell us how they’re feeling. They can’t express their feelings through words so it’s up to us as their owners to notice these changes. Although the research for depression in dogs ... Read More »

Properly Distinguish The Difference Between Vomiting And Regurgitation In Dogs

It’s no surprise that dogs have moments in which what they’ve eating don’t really agree with their stomachs. This results to the dog having to throw-up in order to get rid of that specific thing. But although vomiting can often happen, there are instances when vomiting can be a pretty serious symptom of an underlying problem. It’s also important that you understand that there is a difference between regurgitation and vomiting in dogs. It is somewhat of a disgusting topic but learning about the difference can help determine if your dog ... Read More »

Make Pet Check-up Your Regular Routine – 5 Easy Ways To Check Your Dog’s Health

A regular pet check-up is something that every dog owner can do to ensure that their furry companion is in tip top shape. It is important that dog owners take part of this activity because there are certain instances when you may not notice bumps, lesions, swelling or other injuries that your dog may have gotten over time. Dogs are sweethearts but they can be quite good at hiding how they’re really feeling. By doing a simple check you can see if your dog has developed any irregularities ahead of time and get it treated immediately. To ... Read More »

5 Easy Organic Homemade Concoctions You Can Make To Protect Your Dogs From Dog Fleas Safely

Dealing with fleas and other parasites are one of things that every dog owner has to learn to do to keep their canine buddy safe and healthy. Protecting your dogs from fleas isn't just to stop them from scratching excessively but to also ensure that they don’t get any flea related illnesses. If you haven’t heard yet, dog fleas can bring certain illnesses that can become fatal for your pet if not treated immediately. Some examples of these problems are ehrlichiosis, allergies, tapeworms and anemia just to name a few. Although there is a ... Read More »

The Importance Of Socializing Your Dogs – 3 Easy Ways To Get Started

Just like us humans, dogs also need to socialize, especially if they’re the only pet you have at home. Believe it or not, our canine buddies are in fact social by nature but that doesn't mean that they immediately act friendly to every person or animal they meet. It is important that you socialize your dog so that that they don’t get into trouble with other animals or humans. Even more so when you have little children or other family members at home. Dogs should already have some ideas of canine social etiquette since this is taught to ... Read More »

Healthier And Happier Dogs – Learn More About Spaying Or Neutering Your Canine Pals

As a dog owner, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is whether or not to have your dog spayed/neutered. Although we advocate this procedure we do respect pet owners who decide not to have their dogs go through this process. If you do decide not to have your dog spayed/neutered be sure that you’ll be able to take care of your dog’s puppies if she does get pregnant. Bear in mind that there is currently an overpopulation of dogs in the United States. Owners who are not capable of taking care of these puppies usually ... Read More »

Pyometra In Dogs – Important Information About This Condition That May Save Your Dog’s Life

  A dog that’s in heat can be quite a sad sight. During this time your dog may show lethargy, reduced appetite and some slight change in their personality. The dog’s heat cycle can last for 3 – 4 weeks. Many dog owners usually secure their dogs to ensure that they don’t get pregnant while others allow their dogs to mate. There’s nothing wrong with either scenario but the problem is that dogs that are intact or going through their heat cycle are prone to develop a condition called Pyometra. The problem is that dogs tend to show the ... Read More »

A Closer Look At Ehrlichia Infection In Dogs – What You Can Do As A Pet Owner And How To Prevent It

  It’s definitely a horrible experience seeing your pets sick and suffering. This is why a lot of pet owners do their best to make sure that their dogs get the proper nutrients and exercise they need. If you’re doing your best to keep your buddy healthy and safe then congratulations. However, there are instances when our furry pals still get ill no matter how careful we are. This is definitely not your fault as an owner but it’s also important that you are aware of some of the illnesses that your dog may unknowingly get. This is ... Read More »