Pet Nail Clipping Tips – 3 Important Things To Look For When Buying Pet Nail Clippers

One of the things that you don’t usually see in a dog owner’s home are a pair pet nail clippers. You can’t really blame other dog owners though, pet nail clipping has been deemed as one of the most difficult and intimidating of the pet grooming activities. Most dogs absolutely hate having their nails clipped. You can’t really blame your canine buddies though, for them the process seems unnatural and weird. Before dogs were domesticated, there was no need for their nails to be cut. It would naturally be shortened through their daily ... Read More »

Pet Grooming – Important Tips In Choosing The Best Dog Brush For Your Dog

With regards to dog grooming, brushing your dog’s coat is considered one of the easiest things to do. That said however, many dog owners take this pretty simple task for granted. Dog owners who plan on taking their dogs to pet salons or professional groomers should also take the time to regularly perform this task if they can. In order for dog owners to carry out this activity they will need to own a good quality and suitable dog brush to help make dog brushing fun and enjoyable for them and their dog. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes so ... Read More »

Slicker Brush – Using The Dog Slicker Brush Effectively For Your Pets

Most dogs love to brushed and will definitely be ecstatic once they see you walking towards them with a brush in hand. Brushing your dog is not only a fun activity but a healthy one as well. It promotes a good and lasting relationship with your dogs as well as helps you monitor any type of problems they may have developed over time. A popular and versatile dog brush that many dog owners use is the slicker brush. The slicker brush can be used for many different breeds of dogs but will work better if used for dogs that are double coated or ... Read More »

Dog Clippers – Choosing The Best One For Your Dog

Dog nail clipping is another important aspect of dog grooming but because dogs often do not like getting their nails cut, many dog owners avoid this process entirely. Dogs usually find the dog nail clipping activity a little uncomfortable. There may even be some that act quite aggressively during the process initially. With that said, we can’t stress how important this grooming activity is for your dogs. Leaving your dog’s nails too long may cause them to break which is a terribly painful experience for your dogs and can sometimes cause an ... Read More »

Dog Grooming – The Different Tools That You Will Need When Grooming Your Dog

Before you get started grooming your dog you need to be familiar with the different sets of tools that you may need during grooming. Keep in mind though that each dog is different and may require different set of tools compared to other breeds. To help you pick out the right set of tools that you will need for your canine companions, here are some tools that you need to keep in mind. Let’s start with the brushes. Dog Brushes – There are different types of dog brushes that you can choose from each one can play a role in grooming your dog. ... Read More »