Dogs That Hate Baths! Our Top 5 Cutest Doggy Bath Time Videos

Here’s a little video we created that we’re sure will brighten your day.

When it comes to doggy bath time, there are those owners who are lucky enough to have a dog that loves baths. On the other hand, there are also those dog owners who face the big challenge of bath time like these guys in the video.

We all know that dogs can sometimes be rebellious and uncooperative when it comes to bath time. But you won’t believe the antics that these cute dogs in the video did to try to avoid the inevitable bath time.

Here’s our top 5 cutest and funniest dog bathing videos.

Although, dog grooming can be a bit challenging at times, we encourage dog owners everywhere to never give up. Dog grooming is a very important part of taking care of our dogs and shouldn’t be neglected. If your dog is like those cute doggies in the video then take the process slowly.

Never ever force them to go into the bath. Rather coax and encourage them to make the step on their own by offering treats, making their favorite toys available during bath time and by simply talking to them. Basically, make the bathing process fun and enjoyable for them and soon enough you’ll have a dog that will be excited at bath time!

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Happy Grooming!

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Written by Caroline


Caroline is an avid dog lover and writer who was always in the company of dogs growing up. Today, she owns 2 dogs and supports several rescue shelters and shares her dog experiences and knowledge whenever she can.

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