Security Pro Explorer Retractable Dog Leash


Every year, hundreds of dogs run off and are seriously injured when out walking with their owners. Research has shown that using a quality retractable dog leash is one of the safest, easiest and most secure ways to walk your dog.

Announcing the HappyDogz Security Pro Explorer retractable dog leash.

One of the safest, most affordable and most reliable retractable dog leashes available for your dog.

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We understand that as a dog owner, you need a safe and reliable dog leash that not only works well, but also lasts! With the help of a professional dog trainer and input from many dog owners we have created just that with the Security Pro Explorer retractable dog leash.

Some of the many benefits for you and your dog include:

  • SAFE & SECURE: Upgraded retractable brake and lock system allows instant retraction of the leash (and your dog) whenever required.
  • COMFORTABLE: Modern ergonomic design.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Sturdy and premium quality leash.
  • EASY USE: Simple to use with no binding.
  • IT WORKS: Makes walking your dog even easier and more relaxing.
  • GUARANTEED: Includes 10 year money back guarantee.

SIZE – For dogs up to 44 pounds.

The modern Security Pro Explorer retractable dog leash is FULLY RETRACTABLE and controlled by a strong inner spring mechanism. It utilizes a clever single button action that allows either use of the brake or lock function. This means it’s easier to use and longer lasting than other leashes on the market.

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Other features of the the Security Pro dog leash Explorer include;

  • 16 foot strong nylon dog leash provides ample space for your dog on walks.
  • Made from the highest quality materials.
  • Premium locking mechanism retracts smoothly with no binding.
  • Tangle free operation.
  • Water & doggy proof.
  • Modern attractive color & design.

Beware of knock off and fake copies of the HappyDogz Security Pro Explorer Retractable Dog Leash. This product is genuinely manufactured and distributed only by us at HappyDogz for sale on Amazon.

SPECIAL BONUS: Includes our special FREE downloadable ebook on how to walk your dog & other training tips.

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