Dogs That Hate Baths! Our Top 5 Cutest Doggy Bath Time Videos

Here’s a little video we created that we’re sure will brighten your day. When it comes to doggy bath time, there are those owners who are lucky enough to have a dog that loves baths. On the other hand, there are also those dog owners who face the big challenge of bath time like these guys in the video. We all know that dogs can sometimes be rebellious and uncooperative when it comes to bath time. But you won’t believe the antics that these cute dogs in the video did to try to avoid the inevitable bath time. Here’s our top 5 cutest and ... Read More »

Dog Brush – A Review Of the Furminator deShedding Tool for Dogs

Dog shedding can be a tough and unavoidable problem for dog owners. All those dog hairs in the house can be quite frustrating to clean up so when I saw the Furminator deShedding tool on Amazon, I thought I would give it a shot. The Furminator deShedding tool for dogs is a dog grooming tool that can help reduce the shedding of our dogs whether they are single or double coated. I received my dog brush quickly and in good condition a few days after ordering it. Amazon really does a good job of shipping their items and making sure they ... Read More »

Dog Grooming – Builds Relationships And Keeps Our Dogs In Tip Top Shape

Contrary to some dog owner’s beliefs, dog grooming is not only for those with big pockets or extra cash who can afford to take their dogs to the pet salon. No, pet grooming is an important aspect of taking care of your pet and should be done regularly. Although one of the main aspects of dog grooming involves keeping your dogs clean and looking great, it’s also important to note that this activity is not only done due to aesthetics. It’s done to keep our dogs comfortable, happy and healthy. Here are some important reasons why you should ... Read More »

Dog Clippers – Choosing The Best One For Your Dog

Dog nail clipping is another important aspect of dog grooming but because dogs often do not like getting their nails cut, many dog owners avoid this process entirely. Dogs usually find the dog nail clipping activity a little uncomfortable. There may even be some that act quite aggressively during the process initially. With that said, we can’t stress how important this grooming activity is for your dogs. Leaving your dog’s nails too long may cause them to break which is a terribly painful experience for your dogs and can sometimes cause an ... Read More »

Dog Grooming – The Different Tools That You Will Need When Grooming Your Dog

Before you get started grooming your dog you need to be familiar with the different sets of tools that you may need during grooming. Keep in mind though that each dog is different and may require different set of tools compared to other breeds. To help you pick out the right set of tools that you will need for your canine companions, here are some tools that you need to keep in mind. Let’s start with the brushes. Dog Brushes – There are different types of dog brushes that you can choose from each one can play a role in grooming your dog. ... Read More »