10 Important Things That You Should Never Feed Your Dog At All Cost

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Human Food To Never Feed Your Dogs

Being a dog owner you must already know how much dogs love to eat and how they’re curiosity knows no bonds. They usually try to sniff, eat or lick something that they have just seen for the very first time. If they smell that you’re eating something then you can expect them to be by your side looking at you with those cute puppy dog eyes asking for a bite.

Many times, you as an owner just can’t resist those stares and ultimately gives in and share some of what you’re eating with them. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with doing this every now and then, especially after your dog has been good. But it is also very important that you understand that not all human food are safe for our canine pal’s consumption.

You won’t believe how some of the food we normally eat can really harm their bodies. So in this article to help spread awareness to dog owners everywhere, we will be listing down the top 10 things that you should avoid feeding your pet.


Most people and even dogs love chocolates. You see, dogs are easily drawn to this food because of its smell. The problem is that chocolate can act as poison for your furry friends. There is a certain chemical in chocolates that can greatly affect your dog’s heart and their nervous system. Feeding your dogs chocolates can result in vomiting, irregular heartbeats, diarrhea, seizures and even death.

Grapes and raisins

This is usually something that shocks a lot of dog owners. Grapes and raisins are usually seen as healthy snack for humans. For dogs however, grapes and raisins possess a toxin that can greatly damage their kidneys resulting in kidney failure.

Avocado (The fruit and bark)

Another fruit in the list that you should really take note of; as you can see even things as healthy as fruits can be dangerous for your dogs. In this fruit’s case it releases its own fungicide, called persin that dogs are highly allergic to. Persin can be released from both the fruit and the tree so keep your dog away from guacamole or the fruit’s bark.

Onions and garlic

When humans cook, most of the time they use onions and garlic to add flavor to the food; the problem is that both onions and garlic can irritate the dog’s digestive system that can lead to the depletion of their red blood cells that may result to anemia.


Humans need coffee to start their day right. Dogs on the other hand don’t. Letting your dog lick some of your coffee may look cute but it can result to palpitations and muscle tremors.


We’re all aware how drinking too much alcohol can cause alcohol poisoning right? Well, dogs can get intoxicated much quicker than humans so even a little sip can result to poisoning or even death.

Pits from fruits and seeds

Never allow your dog to play or chew on pits or seeds from any fruit. Pits and seeds have a tendency to block your dog’s digestive system. Certain pits also contain poison called cyanide that can be lethal for dogs.

Xylitol and gum

Gum can cause obstruction in your dog’s bowel movement. Gum with xylitol can be very lethal for your dog causing liver failure.


A lot of dog owners may get shocked seeing this on the list but certain bones, especially brittle ones, can easily break and may result to the splinters getting lodged on your dog’s throat or digestive track. If you’re looking for things that your dog can chew on then we suggest going with raw hide treats instead.

Macadamia Nuts

Believe it or not, your dog doesn’t have to eat a whole lot of this to make them sick. Macadamia poisoning exists for dogs and should be dealt with immediately.

We hope that this article helped you become more aware of the different types of food that can be dangerous for your furry friend. If your dog may have accidentally eaten some of the things listed above please don’t hesitate to contact your vet immediately. Also remember to make sure that you store these things in a safe place away from your dog’s reach.

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