5 Effective & Proven Tips To Get Your Doggy To Love Being Brushed

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Effective tips to get your dog to love being brushedThere are numerous benefits that both dogs and their owners get from the very simple activity of brushing the dog’s coat using a dog brush.

Not only will this activity help keep you and your dog closer but it is also a great way for you to check for any irregularities or changes in your dog’s body.

Some busy owners tend to take their dogs to a groomer or a grooming saloon to satisfy their buddy’s grooming needs which is perfectly fine.

But aside from that, dog owners should also take the time to brush their dog’s coat daily or at least 2 – 3 times a week using a slicker brush. The brushing process only takes about 5 – 15 minutes so there is really no excuse for all us doggy owners for not doing it.

Most dogs loved bring brushed especially if you use a good dog slicker brush. The brushing process makes the dogs feel as if they’re being massaged and can help stimulate good blood circulation. But that said, there are also some dogs that simply hate this process which can be very challenging for their owners.

With that in mind here are 5 proven tips that can help you to get your dog to love being brushed.

Start them young

If you have new puppies, don’t wait until they get older before you introduce dog grooming or the brushing process to them. Getting a puppy to like being brushed is definitely easier than convincing an older dog.

Don’t get me wrong though, an adult dog can still learn to love the brushing process. But it might take some time to achieve this with an adult dog compared to a puppy. So no matter what activity it may be, get them started young if possible.

Introduce the dog brush to them first

One very common mistake that many dog owners commit when brushing their doggy is that they tend to simply pick-up the brush and start the process immediately. If you’re using a new slicker brush and your dog hasn’t seen or worked with it before, then let them sniff or inspect the tool first.

You can also take the brush and place it in your dog’s bed with them for a few minutes to really get your dog get acquainted with the tool.

Always start slow

Once you see that your doggy isn’t afraid of the dog brush anymore, you can now try to brush them.

During this time it’s very important that you don’t rush the process and just do it for a few seconds to a minute first.

By making the activity short at first, you can decide to lengthen it as your dog gets comfortable with the brush. Always start and end the brushing process in a good note and offer some treats and praise for good behavior.

Check your dog’s body language. If you think that they’re starting to fidget or feel uncomfortable, stop. You can then resume brushing them after a few minutes once they settle down if you want.

Choose a good quality slicker brush

Many dog owners wisely choose to use a slicker brush when brushing their dog’s coat. It’s because this type of brush is considered as the most versatile and flexible type of dog brush out there. The slicker brush can go deep into your dog’s coat and remove dirt and debris keeping their fur clean, smooth and vibrant. Some quality slicker brushes can also serve as a good deshedder as well.

Never let the price of the brush decide for you. Remember that when buying this type of brush or any dog grooming tool out there for that matter, you get what you pay for. Always choose a slicker brush that has stainless steel pins to avoid rusting and one that has a good comfortable handle. You can check out the quality dog slicker brush we recommend by clicking here.

Just have fun

Lastly, just try and make the brushing process fun you both you and your doggy. As soon as your dog associates the brushing process as a fun and enjoyable experience, then before you know it they’ll begin to rush to you immediately when you pick-up the brush. Remember to offer treats, praise or maybe some play time after each successful brushing process.

If you have a dog that’s simply unbearable and a handful during the brushing process, never give up. It’s honestly not impossible. By following the tips above along with patience and perseverance you’ll soon have a dog that will love to be brushed in no time.

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    Very good post. I will be experiencing some of these issues as well..

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    Cool, got it!

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    It’s very informative tips. I will apply this tips to my dog.

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