Dog Clippers – Choosing The Best One For Your Dog

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Dog Clippers - Choosing the correct type of nail clippers for your dogDog nail clipping is another important aspect of dog grooming but because dogs often do not like getting their nails cut, many dog owners avoid this process entirely. Dogs usually find the dog nail clipping activity a little uncomfortable. There may even be some that act quite aggressively during the process initially.

With that said, we can’t stress how important this grooming activity is for your dogs. Leaving your dog’s nails too long may cause them to break which is a terribly painful experience for your dogs and can sometimes cause an infection. Dogs with long nails can also develop an abnormal gait that can lead to skeletal damage.

But before you go on ahead and rush to cut your dog’s nails, you should bear in mind that dogs use a different type of nail clippers compared to humans. Never use human nail clippers for your dogs. To help you choose the proper nail clippers for your dogs, here are some common types of pet clippers that you should be aware of.

Basic types of clippers that you can check out:

Guillotine clippers – As the name suggests, these clippers features a small hoop where the nails can easily pass through to get cut. This type of clipper is one of the most popular and is ideal to be used by small to medium sized dogs. The Guillotine clipper is not suggested to be used for larger breeds of dogs though. The downside of this clipper is that the blades may need to be replaced at some point.

Curved type scissor clippers – The curved scissor clipper is known to be the all around choice of people who have experience in cutting their dog’s nails. They are also known for their durability and strength. As the name suggests this clipper will look and work similar to a pair of scissors.The disadvantage of the curved type is that it doesn’t really work well for smaller dogs or for puppies. It’s best used for medium and larger sized dogs.

Straight type scissor clippers – This is the second variation of the scissor type clipper. The straight clipper is identical to the curved clipper, the only difference if that the straight type can be used for smaller dogs and puppies unlike the curve type.

Dremel tool – This is a newer and different type of dog clipper that some dog owners prefer compared to those listed above. The Dremel tool is an electronic device that grinds the dog’s nails to its proper length instead of cutting it.

Remember that the type of nail clippers you choose should match the size of your dog. If you have a smaller breed of dog you can go with the guillotine or the straight type clippers. If you have a larger breed then you can go with the curve type scissor clipper or consider the Dremel tool.

If you’re feeling unsure of the clipping process don’t be afraid to ask for your vet for help or to visit the pet saloon regularly.

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