Dog Fur And Hair Dyes Explained – Is It Safe To Color Your Dog’s Fur?

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Dogs getting their fur dyed has become one of the most controversial trends of this generation for pet owners. Some pet owners are for this practice and there are also those that are against it.

So before you think of getting into this trend, as a dog owner you have to ask, “Is dyeing my dog’s fur safe?”

As mentioned above, due to the controversial nature of this topic you will probably get different types of answers.

To be fair to both sides of the topic, we will do our best to cover both the pros and cons of dyeing your dog’s fur, starting with…

Are hair dyes safe?

Yes and no. Basically, dyes that are made for humans are toxic for your furry friend and possess certain dangers once applied to their skin. Your dog could break out in an allergic reaction due to the substance and there’s also the danger of your dog ingesting the dye or it getting to their nose or their eyes.

That said, according to some pet owners, there are safer alternatives to this such as non-toxic food coloring, dyes made for pets, fur chalk, and more.

Again, if you’re ever thinking of doing this, please make sure to read the dye first and check if it’s safe for your pets. Also, bear in mind how sensitive your dog’s fur is before doing this. Remember that there are dogs that have far more sensitive skin than others.

What’s the problem then?

Since there are safer pet dyes then why are other pet owners against this practice. There are actually different opinions about this in the community but one of the strongest point is the psychological impact that this could raise for your dog.

As a pet owner, we want our dogs to look great and feel great but you have to remember that what makes you feel great doesn’t necessarily translate well with your canine buddy. The process of dyeing their fur is something that’s unnatural to them.

Due to this, dyeing their fur may incur unnecessary emotional or psychological stress. Dogs with dyed fur may have trouble coping and get confused with their new fur color.
That said, not all dogs are the same and there are some pet owners that claim that their dogs actually enjoy the process and like their new found color.

In the end, the decision of dyeing your dog’s fur lies ultimately on you as a pet owner. We do hope that you see both sides of the coin and come to a decision that will not only benefit yourself but your canine buddy as well.

We also want to caution those who want to go through with this process to consult your vet first and never do the dyeing yourself. Remember that the process of dyeing your pet’s coat could result to skin problems that you could have easily prevented if you went to an expert. We urge everyone to do their due diligence before diving into this trend for your dog’s sake.

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    Kathy Guerrero

    I bought a leash and the internal mechanism broke I have only had since March how do I get it replaced or fixed. Thank you Kathy G.

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    I’m not clear on the sizes of the shedding tools. I have a short hair mini labradoodle. 32 pounds and hair like a lab. Is your larger one like the size of the standard furminator, and your small like their small? I like the standard original size. Waiting on your answer to order. Thanks.

    • Caroline

      Hello Kandy,

      Thank you very much for your interest in our products.

      For a mini Labradoodle we would suggest that you pick the smaller size. We suggest the smaller brush for pets that are below 44lbs in weight and the large size for pets above 44 lbs.

      I hope this answers your question.

      Best regards,

      (HappyDogz Team)

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    A few weeks ago we purchased a puppy who we thought was brown but come to find out they dyed his hair with human dye and his actual color is brown. He also has curly/wavy hair and when I brush him a lot of hair comes out! Like if he was shedding at its max.. could the human dye had done this to him shedding?

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