Dog Grooming – The Different Tools That You Will Need When Grooming Your Dog

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Dog Grooming Tools that you may need to have for your dogBefore you get started grooming your dog you need to be familiar with the different sets of tools that you may need during grooming. Keep in mind though that each dog is different and may require different set of tools compared to other breeds.

To help you pick out the right set of tools that you will need for your canine companions, here are some tools that you need to keep in mind. Let’s start with the brushes.

Dog Brushes – There are different types of dog brushes that you can choose from each one can play a role in grooming your dog. There are 4 main types of grooming brush that you can start from and one of the most popular is the slicker brush.

  • The slicker brush is known for its flexibility as well as its ability to remove mats and tangles. It can be used for dogs of any breed and size but is ideal for dogs with longer coats.
  • The bristles brush is another versatile brush that’s ideal for dogs with short and smooth coats. It’s best used for dogs who often shed.
  • The rake brush is best used for dogs that have thick hair which tends to develop dead and rough undercoats. When using the rake brush make sure that you don’t put too much pressure when brushing as the rake’s bristles may cause discomfort for your dog.
  • The pin brush is known to be used when finishing up a dog grooming session. This is known as the least useful but is the brush used most by dog owners. The pin brush is best used to give the finishing touches to a brushing session after using the brushes above.

Combs – Combs are often used to help loosen mats and tangles on your dog’s hair and is often paired up with the slicker brush. Unlike dog brushes, there are actually very few variations of the dog comb. When choosing a comb we suggest that you go with the regular sized steel pinned comb. The comb can be used by different types of dog breed regardless of the type of coat they may have.

Nail Clippers – Clipping your dog’s nail is an important grooming process. It’s really important that you have a nail clipper ready when you see that you dog’s nails have started to grow long. There are 4 different types of nail clippers that you can choose from.

  • The guillotine clipper is one of the popular nail clipping tools for dog owners who have small to medium sized dog. This clipper has a small hoop that you can insert your dog’s nail to get cut. This clipper is not ideal for larger breeds of dogs.
  • The curved scissor clipper is a clipper that most experienced dog groomers use when cutting their dog’s nails. As its name may imply, this clipper looks like a scissor with a curved tip. The curved scissor clipper can’t be used for smaller breeds of dogs.
  • The straight scissor clipper is the second variation of the scissor type clipper. It is identical with the curved clipper but the only difference is that the straight clipper has a straight edge unlike the curved one. Another difference is that the straight scissor clipper can be used for all dogs regardless of the size.
  • The dremel tool is an electric type of nail clipper that grinds your dog’s nails instead of cutting it. There are certain dogs and dog owners who prefer to use this tool compared to the other 3 mentioned above.

Styptic Powder – This is an important substance that you should always have beside you when cutting your dog’s nail. This powder can help stop the bleeding in case you cut too much of your dog’s nails.

Dog Shampoo – When choosing a dog shampoo make sure that it is all natural and doesn’t contain unknown chemicals. There are some dogs that may have sensitive skin so it’s important that you really take your time to read the labels. If your dog has sensitive skin and suffers from certain allergic reactions then we suggest that you choose an oatmeal based shampoo instead. Remember to never use human shampoos on your dogs. If in doubt, discuss with your Vet.

The dog grooming article above mentioned some of the basic things that can help you get started with the grooming process. As you continue grooming your dog you will discover additional tools that you may need for other grooming procedures. If you’re new to grooming then you should definitely start and master the tools mentioned above first before moving onto more challenging grooming activities.

Good luck and enjoy.

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