The Importance Of Socializing Your Dogs – 3 Easy Ways To Get Started

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Just like us humans, dogs also need to socialize, especially if they’re the only pet you have at home. Believe it or not, our canine buddies are in fact social by nature but that doesn’t mean that they immediately act friendly to every person or animal they meet.

It is important that you socialize your dog so that that they don’t get into trouble with other animals or humans. Even more so when you have little children or other family members at home.

Dogs should already have some ideas of canine social etiquette since this is taught to them by their mothers at a very early age. It is because of this that many vets and dog trainers recommend to only bring a puppy home when or after it is 8 weeks old.

That said, as a responsible dog owner you need to continue the process of socializing your dog. Socializing with other people and other animals may differ depending on your dog’s age. Younger puppies are actually easier to socialize compared to adult dogs who have never been taught some canine etiquette.

This is because puppies are more accepting of new people or animals they meet while adult dogs are more wary of them. So if you have an adult dog with you be very careful when approaching other dogs and their owners. Try to read your dog’s body language to avoid any accidents.

If you have never tried socializing your dog or if you’re interested to partake in this activity with your new puppy, here are some easy ways that you can start.

Take regular walks in your neighborhood

This is actually the easiest way of socializing your dog. During your walks you will meet some neighbors along with their dogs who are also taking a walk. If you’re already acquainted with the owner and his/her dog then you can slowly approach them to introduce your dog. Again please be very careful when starting out. Never rush the process and allow the dogs to approach each other on their own.

If your dog acts calmly and nice when meeting other dogs and humans you can give them some treats as a reward.

Take your dog to a dog park

Dog parks are a great way for your dog to meet other dogs and interact with them. Having said that, be sure that your dog is slightly trained and knows some proper etiquette to avoid any trouble. If it’s your dog’s first time in the dog park, it’s always a good idea to keep them on a leash first. Look for other dogs that seem calm and has already been properly trained.

Again remember to be very careful when approaching other dogs. Ask their owners first about their dog’s temperament before introducing your dog to them.

Take your dog to dog obedience class

These types of classes will not only benefit you and your dog but is also a great opportunity to meet other dog owners with their furry companions. Everyone will be in the presence of a professional dog trainer so it can be a safe and neutral environment for everyone in the class.

To sum it up, socializing your dog is a very important for your dog’s well-being. Allowing them to meet other dogs and humans can help teach them the proper etiquette when approaching others. Please don’t take this process for granted and don’t forget that you can always contact a professional dog trainer if you need additional help.

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