Make Pet Check-up Your Regular Routine – 5 Easy Ways To Check Your Dog’s Health

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A regular pet check-up is something that every dog owner can do to ensure that their furry companion is in tip top shape.

It is important that dog owners take part of this activity because there are certain instances when you may not notice bumps, lesions, swelling or other injuries that your dog may have gotten over time.

Dogs are sweethearts but they can be quite good at hiding how they’re really feeling. By doing a simple check you can see if your dog has developed any irregularities ahead of time and get it treated immediately.

To help you check your dog’s health, we will be giving you 5 easy ways to get this done, starting with…

1. Your dog’s eyes

Gently move your dog’s eyelids up. A healthy dog will have nice and clear eyes. If you notice that the dog’s eyes are somewhat foggy or reddish then you may want to get it checked by your vet immediately.

2. Your dog’s gums

Your dog’s gums should be bright pink and moist, and their teeth white and shiny. If you think that your dog’s gums are somewhat paler than usual then it would be a good idea to take their temperature to check if they have fever.

A dog’s normal temperature ranges from 99.5-102.5 Fahrenheit anything higher can be considered as a fever. Pale gums are usually an indication that your dog isn’t feeling well. Please visit your vet immediately, if you see sores or any weird growth on their gums or tongue.

3. Your dog’s coat and skin

A healthy dog’s coat will be smooth and vibrant. We suggest that you slowly go through your dog’s coat to check for any weird bumps or sore spots. You can also check for fleas or any other parasites. You can easily do this using a slicker brush or by running your ringers through their body. Please also check your dog’s limbs and their paws as well.

4. Your dog’s ears

This is one of the areas that a lot of dog owners seem to neglect. It is important that you check and clean your dog’s ears regularly since it can cause severe problems that can affect your dog’s hearing. A healthy dog’s ears are pinkish without any foul odor or discharge. If you notice any weird stuff in your dog’s ears that you’re not quite sure of, please visit your vet immediately.

5. Your dog’s pee

This isn’t really a part of your dog’s body but you should also check it as well. Just like us humans, the color of your dog’s pee can tell you if your dog is suffering from certain illnesses. A reddish more orangey pee color tells you that your dog may be suffering from a urinary tract infection or that there is something wrong with their kidneys. If you notice any weird color in your dog’s pee please visit your vet immediately.

Aside from these regular checks, we also suggest that you get your dog checked by your vet every 6 months or so. We really hope that you learned how to do a quick check-up on your dog’s body by reading this article. Remember to contact your vet immediately if you feel that something is not right with your dog.

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