Pet Nail Clipping Tips – 3 Important Things To Look For When Buying Pet Nail Clippers

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One of the things that you don’t usually see in a dog owner’s home are a pair pet nail clippers. You can’t really blame other dog owners though, pet nail clipping has been deemed as one of the most difficult and intimidating of the pet grooming activities.

Most dogs absolutely hate having their nails clipped. You can’t really blame your canine buddies though, for them the process seems unnatural and weird.

Before dogs were domesticated, there was no need for their nails to be cut. It would naturally be shortened through their daily activities. This time however, there are dogs that would just spend most of their days sitting at home which could result to their nails growing longer.

When your pet’s nails starts getting longer you can always go to your vet or a pet groomer to do it for you. But if you want to be more hands on with your dog then it is vital that you have a high quality pet nail clipper at home.

Being able to clip your dog’s nails on your own may be an intimidating process at the start but it gets better over time. It’s also a great way to establish a trusting relationship with your dog.

The problem is that pet nail clippers are very easy to make and a lot of companies have been releasing subpar products. Low quality pet nail clippers can provide a terrible experience for your dog that could trigger the fear of pet nail clipping.

Here are some tips to help you pick-out high quality pet nail clippers that can make the process easier and more efficient for you and your dog.

1. It should be the right size for your dog

Pet nail clippers come in different sizes. You have to make sure that the dog nail clipper you’re getting will suit your dog’s size. It’s important that you pick the correct size to prevent damaging your dog’s nails. Using a smaller pet nail clipper on bigger dogs may cause their nails to break and vice versa. That said, you can also find pet nail clippers that can be used for any dog size.

2. Make sure that the blades are sharp

Don’t be afraid of sharp pet nail clippers. Dog nail clippers with sharp stainless steel blades are the perfect tool for the activity.

As strange as it may sound, some dog owners try to look for blunted pet nail clippers in fear of hurting their dog. The truth is that blunted pet nail clippers may damage your dog’s nails and hurt them in the process. The pet nail clipper is supposed to easily cut through the dog’s nails without any additional pressure. This prevents the dog’s nails from getting crushed and those jagged finish.

3. Check if the clipper is comfortable

When choosing a good pet nail clipper it is vital that you think of your dog. Having said that though, you also need to find a pet nail clipper that would be comfortable for you, its user. A comfortable pet clipper can make the process easier and can even add accuracy. This can help prevent accidents that may be caused by discomfort or slipping.

Again, the pet nail clipping process can get intimidating at the start but with continued practice, a lot of treats, and maybe some belly rubs it will get easier. Just make sure that you take the process one step at a time and do your best to be vigilant when choosing a dog nail clipper.

You can check out the HappyDogz Pro Cut Pet Nail Clipper that has a 10 year money back guarantee by clicking here.

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