HappyDogz Magic Pro Dog Deshedding Tool


With confidence we present you with the light to your endless cycle of pet fur and excessive vacuuming.

We believe pets are family and your family deserves the best! We’re proud to say that this shedding brush is a labor of love and is made by pet owners for fellow pet owners.

► The Magic Pro Deshedding Tool is proven and tested to easily, efficiently, and comfortably brush your furry buddies. No hassle. No Pain. Only a fun filled brushing experience.

► Do you see tumbleweeds of fur flying all over your home, clothes, and car? Then get yourself out of that hairy situation! The deshedding brush is guaranteed to reduce your furry buddies’ shedding by up to 95%. Say goodbye to tumbleweeds of fur and say hello to a cleaner fur free home.

Furrrfection in a brush! Our team spent many months researching and testing this deshedder brush. We’re confident when we say that this is the shedding brush to end all shedding brushes. Its high quality stainless steel shedding blades will keep your pet’s coat healthy, soft, and shiny.

► Your furry buddies will say, “wow grooming is fun”. Spoiled pet approved and perfect for new and veteran pet owners. The dog grooming brush is extremely pet friendly, your furry friends will thank you for it! Suitable for cats, dogs, and other furry animals.

► Tens of thousands of pets have given the Magic Pro Deshedding Tool their “paws up”. This is one of the highest rated deshedding tools on Amazon.com. We pride ourselves in releasing high quality pet products that offer both quality and value to our customers.

► We offer top notch customer support and firmly stand by our products. The Magic Pro Deshedder is backed-up by a 10 year guarantee and comes with a FREE dog grooming ebook.

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With the Magic Pro Deshedding Tool you’ll be able to see fast dramatic improvements in your pet’s coat and shedding in just minutes!

Let’s face it…

Excessive pet shedding has always been one of the biggest problems that’s been plaguing many pet owners around the world. We are pet owners ourselves so trust us when we say that we’ve all been there!

Pet fur can get all over your home, your clothes, your car, and sometimes, for some reason, it even gets into your mouth. Ewwww! Definitely not a pleasant experience.

You love your furry buddies but you certainly don’t want to choke on pet fur and waste precious time using rollers just to remove fur from your clothes every time you need to go out.

It’s also pretty embarrassing to have some friends come over only for them to be greeted by fur flying all over your home. Yikes!

So, what can a pet owner do?

Sure, you can have a pet groomer shave your pet’s coat but that’s a very temporary solution. This can get pretty expensive in the long run. It’s also not advisable to shave your pet’s coat during the Fall and Winter seasons because these are the times when your dogs will need all of their fur to protect them from the harsh weather.

There are also other pet brushes in the market that claim to totally eliminate shedding which isn’t really possible. The truth is that all pets shed and pet shedding is a natural occurrence that is necessary in keeping your pets comfortable.

Some pet brushes also lack proper design and the empathy that should come with designing pet products resulting in a very unpleasant brushing experience.

With this in mind, our small team composed of animal lovers spent numerous months developing the Magic Pro Deshedding Tool.

The Magic Pro Deshedding Tool has been proven and tested to greatly reduce pet shedding by up to 95% in minutes!

What can the Magic Pro Deshedding Tool do for your pets?

The deshedder has many benefits including:

  • It can reduce shed fur by up to 95% in just minutes. The fur you’ll collect will be enough to create another dog!
  • You won’t have to worry about vacuuming for hours every single day just to keep your home fur free. Your clothes will also be fur free so time spent using a roller will be eliminated.
  • This shedding brush has positively changed many pet’s minds about the brushing process. Aside from easily removing fur and reducing shedding, we can confidently say that your furry buddies will feel like they’re getting a massage.
  • Pets have given it their “paws up”. It’s proven and tested to be gentle on the skin and coat of even the most sensitive pets. Your pets will love to brushed so much that they will soon run to you as soon as they see the brush in your hand.
  • You’ll become more confident with pet grooming. The brush has no sharp blades making it suitable for both novice pet owners and professional pet groomers.
  • Suitable for cats, dogs, or other furry animals regardless of breed, size or coat type.


What makes this deshedding tool special?

  • The Magic Pro Shedding Brush is made out of high quality shedding blades that will easily, and efficiently remove loose fur from the pet’s coat.
  • It will get through your pet’s undercoat and will only strip loose fur. We designed the brush so it doesn’t pull out healthy fur which eliminates any discomfort or pain that other pet brushes have a tendency of doing.
  • This is going to be the only long and short hair dog brush that you’ll ever need for a long time. It is built to be strong and durable made out of high quality materials.
  • It comes with detachable shedding blades that help make clean-up easier and more efficient.
  • It has an ergonomic handle for added comfort for pet owners for longer brushing sessions.
  • It comes with a free dog grooming ebook that can provide useful tips and added information for both new and veteran pet owners.


Want more proof?

We can confidently back-up our claim with thousands of positive feedback and reviews that the deshedder received from pet owners on Amazon.com.

The deshedder has been sold to tens of thousands of pet owners in the US. It has been tried, tested, and continues to prove itself superior to other brands in the market. It is highly recommended by vets, professional pet groomers, reliable breeders, and by new and veteran pet owners alike.

Still not sure?

Well, what if we tell you that the Magic Pro Deshedding Tool comes with a 10 year money back guarantee.

In the very unlikely event where the brush breaks or you or your pets are unsatisfied with it, you can send us an email and we’ll replace/refund your money in full no questions asked.

So what’s there to think about?

Solve your pet shedding problem now by getting the Magic Pro Deshedding Tool on Amazon.com.

It’s time to give yourself and your furry buddies a treat!

Reduce pet shedding at home by 95% and help make their lives whole by providing a comfortable and enjoyable grooming experience with the Magic Pro Deshedding Tool.

Order yours now and consider buying another one for loved ones by clicking the “Order Now at Amazon” button below.


Do you have additional questions or concerns about the Magic Pro Deshedding Tool?

Please consider going through our product’s FAQ page by clicking here.

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We will be happy to answer any question you may have for our products.
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