Slicker Brush – Using The Dog Slicker Brush Effectively For Your Pets

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Slicker brush - Easy steps in using the dog brush properlyMost dogs love to brushed and will definitely be ecstatic once they see you walking towards them with a brush in hand. Brushing your dog is not only a fun activity but a healthy one as well. It promotes a good and lasting relationship with your dogs as well as helps you monitor any type of problems they may have developed over time.

A popular and versatile dog brush that many dog owners use is the slicker brush. The slicker brush can be used for many different breeds of dogs but will work better if used for dogs that are double coated or those with longer hair. This brush is known to be perfect to remove mats and tangles, loose or dead hair from the dog as well as dirt and debris.

Many dogs enjoy being brushed by the slicker brush but some caution needs to be given when using this. Due to the brush’s fine bristles putting too much pressure when brushing your dog may be uncomfortable for them or cause them a bit of pain.

To help avoid this problem here are some steps to help you use the slicker brush properly.

1. Avoid brushing your dog when they are wet or damp. Brushing your dog right after their bath while they are still wet can cause matting and tangles.

2. We suggest that you apply a conditioning spray to your dog’s coat before brushing it. Brushing a dry coat can cause breakage and brushing a wet or damp coat may cause mats and tangles to form. Applying a light mist of conditioning spray puts your dog’s fur somewhere in between.

3. Start the brushing process very slowly. This is very important especially if you have a dog that has just started being groomed or brush. Let the dog get accustomed to the brush first and simply take your time. Doing this will not only make your dog love being brushed but will also make future brushing sessions easier.

4. Be gentle when using the slicker brush. As mentioned above the fine bristles on the brush may cause some discomfort for your dog when pressure is applied too much. Make sure that you don’t scrape your dog’s skin and that you start brushing from the surface of your dog’s coat to the end. If your dog has longer hair simply lift your dog’s hair as you brush it to the end. Start brushing your dog starting from the legs, body and then the neck.

5. Make sure that you slowly remove any mats and tangles that you encounter during the session. Mats can be really uncomfortable for your dogs and can even turn into hot spots when not fixed.

When you have encountered a mat, try to untangle it using your fingers first. If the mat proves to be too tangled you can use the teeth of a metal comb to loosen it up, once loosened you can then use the slicker brush. Be sure that you don’t pull the hair in the process.

6. If the mat still can’t be loosened using the metal comb then it’s time to cut it. You can use a sharp pair of scissors to do this. When cutting the mat make sure that cut in the direction of hair growth to make the trim look natural. If you don’t have any experience in cutting your dog’s hair then it’s best to visit the groomers.

7. When the mats and tangles have been removed, continue brushing your dog’s hair to remove loose hair or any dirt or debris that has been caught in the fur.

Brushing your dog using a high quality slicker brush has a lot of benefits so always make sure that you don’t skip this process. By doing this activity regularly you will have a happy and healthy dog with a vibrant coat.

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